Birth of a CrossFit Box

The Bible says we shouldn’t look down on small beginnings, “for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10). Our garage is indeed a small beginning, barely able to accommodate a five-person CrossFit class, but my husband and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When we first moved into our home after getting married in December, all that composed our “garage box” was a pull-up bar and a His and Hers, if you will, medicine ball and kettlebell – hardly the makings of a proper gym! But slowly and surely, through the generosity of friends and family and Ben’s uncanny ability to find excellent deals online, we accumulated more equipment, including a proper squat rack, two barbells, a bench, a full set of plates and dumbbells, mats, even a wall timer! All that was lacking was CrossFitters.

Six months later, mine and Ben’s dream to be coaches for our very own CrossFit box is coming true, and our prayer to get connected with our new hometown through it is being answered. We cannot express just how blessed we feel to be opening CrossFit 925 and sharing our heart and fervor for fitness with the community of San Antonio.

stretching out in our driveway after the Ladies' class yesterday

Our humble garage has become a pretty popular place, one I look forward to opening up and walking into every morning. My husband and I currently coach sixteen athletes, each of whom have been true troopers as they show up day after day, rain or shine, to work out in the antithesis of a plush Globo Gym, replete with a sauna, smoothie bar, not to mention A/C! The fun we’re having, the results we’re seeing, and the friendships we’re forming simply prove that it doesn’t matter where you work out. What matters is the community that surrounds you and the attitude you bring to it.

Me coaching new CrossFitter Holly on the Push-Press!

I have to admit, I think it’s going to be a tearful moment for me as I watch our equipment being loaded up and transported to our new space. Though I’m not yet a mother, I imagine this feeling is akin to watching one’s child take its first steps; while I’m ecstatic to see CrossFit 925 begin to walk, I’m also realizing that this celebration is indeed bittersweet, one that ends a wonderful chapter, a small, beautiful, invaluable beginning.

Please stay tuned as we bid farewell to our garage and prepare for a Grand Opening!


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One thought on “Birth of a CrossFit Box

  • I stumbled on your blog and I think this is really fantastic. I love that you have combined both your faith and your knowledge of fitness to help others. I have been hearing about Crossfit for quite awhile and I would love to try it. I’ve been told by others that I can’t do it yet. I’ve lost 170 lbs in the past year but I’ve got another 100 or so to go. I live in San Antonio and I hope one day to be able to do something like this. I think it sounds amazing. Good luck with everything!!

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