About Me + Why I Blog


Author Diana Tyler


Hello and welcome to my coffee-loving, book-obsessed, pajama-crazed corner of the Interwebs!

I could easily bore you with my educational background, my storytelling credentials, my writing history, facts about my family, how I like my steak cooked (medium rare, in case you’re curious), and what my favorite movie is (a tie between The Princess Bride and Gladiator), but according to those blogging know-it-alls, you’ll only bear with me for 600 words, so I’d better cut to the chase!  Let me tell you why I’m here occupying this remote, bibliophilic, and quite cozy sector of cyberspace…

Writing has been my foremost passion since I was four years old and didn’t even know how to write a simple sentence. I would sit for hours at my tiny, wooden table and scribble illegible text willy-nilly around the edges of construction paper. Only after I had finished my “story” would I fill in the center with a horrific drawing of the main characters – my attempt at an abstract book cover, I suppose. (I’m sad to say that my artistic talent plateaued at age five after I was named “Artist of the Week” for a one-eyed, yellow and green-spotted dinosaur I drew in Pre-K.) To this day, my mom’s office contains bins-full of notebooks and stapled-together short stories, all part of the literary sandbox in which I played.

If your writing journey, like mine, has proved much more than a transient phase, then you have likely discovered that pursuing your passion as an adult is less like playing in a sandbox than it is toiling in Tartarus like the tragic Sisyphus, who was cursed with pushing a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back on him ad infinitum. Gone are the carefree, easygoing days of simply devising clever stories or thinking up unique characters and hastily following after them with your pen. Our writing has made the beautiful transition from hobby to profession, from curiosity to obsession, from amusement to craft, from passion to purpose. Though this is a fantastic metamorphosis, sure to free your artist’s soul to discover and soar, it brings with it a ferocious onslaught of adversity in the form of criticism, rejection, frustration, disappointment, and the worst of all, self-doubt.




I have come to believe that writers are also warriors. Many giants must be slain as we strive to share our stories with the world. Many invaders must be routed as we defend the work whose characters, settings, conflicts and themes keep us up at night. Many days must be spent wandering aimlessly through hazy fields of disillusionment and dejection as we question the identity we’ve clung to and held dear, the mission we undertook so long ago.

I want this blog to be a place for you to come when you’re facing a giant or an invader, or when you’re traveling through a battlefield in which you are your own worst enemy. It’s my hope that through my own real-life stories and lessons, you will be encouraged to keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep soldiering on.