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As ungodly depictions of beauty and carnal portraits of wellness saturate our society, young women are falling prey to secular notions of health and fitness by failing to view and treat their bodies from a Christ-centered perspective. Perfect Fit reveals and elucidates relevant biblical truths, presents powerful, heartfelt testimonies, and demonstrates fun, effective workouts that inspire women to embrace and exemplify God’s best for our bodies.

  • The Cancer-Causing Ingredient That is Probably in Your Fridge

      Attention all only-organic eaters!: I’d like to have your attention in particular as you might have read this title and thought, “I bet whatever ingredient it is isn’t in my fridge! I’m the healthiest eater I know!” Well, with all due respect, you might be mistaken as the ingredient I’m about to address appears in […]

  • One Nutrient You Should Always Take After Your Workout

      The next time you flip through a fitness magazine or stroll down the aisles of your neighborhood pharmacy, try to keep count of the number of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements you see. It’s likely you’ll soon lose count as you scratch your head and wonder which of the pills and products you personally […]

  • No More Excuses: Overcoming Your Exercise Obstacles – Part III

    No Excuses

      Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about some of the most common excuses I hear people give to explain why they don’t exercise regularly, even though they are well-educated regarding the myriad benefits a consistent workout schedule provides, such as a trim physique and stronger bones, a healthier heart and happier mind, […]

  • No More Excuses: Overcoming Your Exercise Obstacles – Part II

    No More Excuses

      Last week I wrote about two of the most common excuses I hear people give to explain why they don’t exercise on a regular basis, despite knowing that consistent workouts provide a host of benefits. The reasons I expounded on were categorized under the heading “Personality Blame” because they come from individuals who feel they […]

  • No More Excuses: Overcoming Your Exercise Obstacles – Part I

    Today is Better Than Yesterday

      All of us know that being in good physical shape is important for a number of reasons that could easily compose an entire article. A few primary reasons health and fitness professionals encourage patients and clients to exercise regularly is because doing so reduces the risk of injury in daily activities, prevents certain cancers, […]

  • Excellent New Children’s Book Teaches Healthy Eating

    Larvie Learns a Lesson

      Recently I received a copy of a new children’s book called Larvie Learns a Lesson and was eager to give it a read with hopes that it would be a book that I could recommend to parents to help teach their young children about healthy eating and the dangers of junk food. I am […]

  • Top 4 Summer Foods for Weight Loss

    Summertime Watermelon

      Summer is right around the corner, a time to shed the cold-weather layers, step into the sunshine, and enjoy cookouts, pool parties, and beach vacations! And given that we’ll be out of the A/C and in the heat for these fun festivities, it’s also a time that inspires many people to hit the gym […]

  • Why Less is More: How Too Much Exercise Can Harm Your Heart

    Hmmm...I'm guessing the owner of this car likes to run?

      You’ve heard it said that too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. (Or something similar.) Well, exercise, it turns out, is no exception. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly clear that too much exercise, particularly long bouts of cardio, can do more harm than good. This topic of discussion has been on […]

  • How Your Health Habits Affect Your Kids

      As you know, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and you might have noticed that from sunup to sundown Facebook and other social networking sites were being plastered with pictures of beloved moms and their doting children and sentimental sugar-sweet statuses counting blessings received and lessons learned from good ol’ Mom. No doubt most of you […]

  • Walk Your Way to Creativity

    We’ve all experienced it: the flood of “feel-good” brain chemicals that accompanies an intense workout, and the elevation of our mood that lingers long after we leave the gym. Very rarely do we finish up a run, a sports game, or any other kind of high-intensity exercise and think, Well now I really feel lousy! Better […]