3 Toxic Ingredients to Steer Clear Of

Steer Clear of These 3 Toxic Ingredients

  Most of you know that refined foods[1] – a.k.a., “junk food” – are missing from the food pyramid for good reason: there’s nothing healthy about them. Cookies, chips, white rice, white bread, pastries, and table sugar are obvious examples. Most of us try our best to avoid these and similar products because they contribute […]


How to Watch the News and Still Sleep Soundly

Fear Not

    Stifling. Ensnaring. Never trifling. Never caring. Quite discreet. Cloaked with cunning. Up on your feet – It wants you running![1]     Fear is a dangerous thing. It’s an emotion that can seep insidiously into our psyches, plant itself like a rank weed among flowery thoughts, and then quietly proliferate until it grows […]

4 Tips to “WHIP” Your Loved Ones into Shape

Four Tips to Whip Your Loved Ones into Shape

If you’re familiar with my writing and areas of interest, then you may know that I get a thrill from finding parallels between our physical and spiritual lives. Most recently, I’ve been pondering a few similarities I see between Christian evangelism and, for lack of a better term, fitness evangelism. How people come to accept and […]