DianaFit Workout du Jour

CrossFitting bullpuppy! 😉

Warm up for five to ten minutes, incorporating temperature-elevating, blood-circulating movements like jumping jacks, jogging, lunging, a few air squats, push-ups, arm circles, high-knees, etc. Save stretching for after your workout!

Equipment needed: barbell, 20-inch box, kettlebell

*NOTE* Be sure to Google or YouTube unfamiliar movements. Study them closely and practice sufficiently before proceeding with the workout to ensure you’re comfortable with each “task” and won’t injure yourself! I’m including links to demos of the “clean” and “kettlebell swing” below. 🙂

P.S.: Keeping the intensity level high is key. Try to keep moving between each exercise, pushing yourself from start to finish. No lollygagging! 😉 Be sure to time yourself, too. Timing ourselves motivates us to keep moving as we compete against the clock — and others working out with us! — and also helps us keep track of our progress as we get fitter from workout to workout.


21-15-9 reps of:

Power-cleans with barbell (use weight appropriate for you)

Box jumps

Kettlebell swings



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