The 4 C’s of Writing Success

The 4 C's of Writing Success by Diana Anderson-Tyler


I love that everyone in the writing community is unique, with different passions, different goals, and different strengths and weaknesses. But regardless of our uniqueness, we also share a lot in common! And a few of these commonalities start with “C”! So whether you want to see your book at Barnes & Noble one day, see one of your articles in The Atlantic, write a book of poetry for only your family to read, or whatever else your creative heart desires, let’s see what all of us share as a requisite to writing success!



Success in writing takes wholehearted dedication. That means prioritizing your writing and not letting anything stand in the way of it (save for emergencies, of course). It’s easy to forget about yourself and your dreams and let other people and activities distract you. Don’t let them. Fight for what you want and what you need to reach your goals.



You will have bad days. You will miss writing sessions, procrastinate, and put off editing. That does *not* mean you failed. It means you’re human. All you have to do is get back on track the next day. The important thing is that you consistently dust yourself off and face the blank (or unpolished) page and refuse to let thoughts of failure and inferiority conquer you.



You have a story to tell, and a unique voice with which to tell it. Confidence is key for persevering in the face of rejection, for soldiering on after reading a negative review, for keeping your head up when a family member asks, “Is writing really worth your time?” It’s what propels you to #keepwriting in the quiet confines of your office or writing nook, knowing that finishing the story is just Step 1 in a long list of publishing to-do’s. You know you were meant to do this, and nothing can stop you!



Okay, I realize not all of us share a mutual love for coffee. But whether it’s a cup of tea, a special candle, or a handful of your favorite candy, we all have little rituals that help us get into #writingmode. They signal to our brains that it’s time to silence the noise and focus on our stories. Whatever your quirks are, embrace them!



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