Diana is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances, as well as group fitness training and motivational conferences and retreats. She is also happy to speak to reading, writing, and Bible study groups via telephone or Skype.  


Short Bio: Fitness, faith, and entertainment writer, author of non-fiction books for Christian women with her second novel on the way, Diana Anderson-Tyler has combined her passion for helping others with the power of the written word and prays hearts are touched, imaginations kindled, dreams awakened, and lives inspired by the stories she tells.

Bio for Introduction: Diana has been writing all her life, starting with her own versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics when she was four. She’s always been fascinated with Greek mythology and comic book superheroes, all of which inspire her fantasy novels. She’s also a gym rat who loves to pretend she’s Wonder Woman while lifting heavy weights and flexing in the mirror. She co-owns CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Ben.

Diana currently writes entertainment and media-related articles for and contributes regularly to When she isn’t writing or working out, she can be found playing Scrabble with her husband, watching Marvel and Pixar movies, and pinning recipes on Pinterest that she’ll never get around to cooking.

Sales Copy (shortform copy for blurbs)

“Diana is a beautiful soul inside and out and has a heart to heal others through her struggles. Immeasurable is an excellent book that offers hope, encouragement and direction to those who are in the depths of an eating disorder. The healer has set you free and Diana is a shining example!!” –Andrea Logan White, actress and co-owner of Pure Flix Entertainment

“Go Diana! [Fit for Faith] is an excellent fitness guide for women of all ages. I was encouraged and challenged by this entertaining and informative read.” -Rebecca St James, award-winning recording artist

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Diana Anderson-Tyler




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