Beginning a Blog: The Why and How

I don’t know how I feel about this blogging business. Because that’s what it is more often than not: a business. Of course, for some, maintaining an online diary is merely an outlet, an enjoyable, perhaps therapeutic hobby that helps comb away mental and emotional cobwebs and restore one’s equanimity. But for countless others, it’s a means of getting your message, your ideas, your product out there. Out where? Into your home, your office, onto your computer screen.

I don’t read blogs. Not because I’m morally against them or because I’m overly cynical of the faces behind them, but because facebook takes up far too much of a my web time, ha! So, as someone a bit skeptical of the reasons we blog, and as a gal unaccustomed to jumping online after my first cup of coffee and surfing the blogosphere for practical advice, spiritual guidance, or a good laugh, why on earth am I here?

I’ve been advised to be here. Yes, that’s right. As an aspiring writer with a message I’m passionate about (back to the blog “business”), everywhere I go, I hear from other authors, publishers, editors and the like, that I’ve got a voice and it needs to be projected – not just in auditoriums or church sanctuaries, but throughout the infinite, amorphous gathering place known as the Internet. Dun-dun-dun! ! !

Of course, I don’t want to waste your time or mine pretending to enjoy tending my diminutive acre of cyberspace. So I tested out my stamina. Not wanting to jump into blogville too quickly, I started up a facebook page devoted to fitness. A few months later, I love maintaining it more than when I first began  (really, I promise!). So, I suppose the next step is this blog where I’ll take the fitness aspect of my facebook page ( and combine it with the heart of my forthcoming book: fitness ignited by faith!

Now for the “How,” and I’ll keep it short because this blog is getting unacceptably lengthy. I’m going to post what the Lord lays on my heart to post. And I won’t force anything. I’ll keep it real, as they say ;-). I’m truly excited about what God has taught me over the last six years when it comes to viewing and treating our bodies as true temples of the Holy Spirit. From that perspective, keeping fit and making healthy choices transcends the temporal world of superificiality, disease prevention, and anti-aging. It’s about being strong, invigorated, and well-equipped to serve our King until He calls us home. Feeling pretty is just the added bonus ;-).

Stay fit, stay faithful, and thanks for being here!

~<3 Di


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