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I’m throwing y’all for a curve ball! Today I thought I’d kill two blogs with one post 😉 (check out other blog here: Premier Fitness blog). You see, I’m involved in a pretty sweet program that my gym (at which I am now employed, whoo hoo!) has designed for a local magazine. I give the deets below, so keep reading! I think you’ll be encouraged by what these folks are doing — faithfully — to get fit!
Enjoy! And as always…

Stay fit, stay faithful ~<3 Di

What: BSCENE Tuesday morning group workout

When: Tuesday, May 16 at 6:15am!!

Where: H-3 Media Parking Lot

Why: To start the “Fit to BSCENE” workout program off on the right foot!

A pair of high-heels steps through the door. The fluorescent lights switch on, a coffee maker begins to brew, and office computers buzz to life. Everyone settles into their chairs for another sedentary day of journalistic productivity.

That was Monday…

Bright and early on Tuesday, seven BSCENE employees kicked off their six-week fitness journey with Premier Fitness. From now until June 27th, Mitzi Hardee, Cecily Anderson, Will Knous, Ginny Gould, Holly Head, Lauren Woods, Lauren Could, Sonya Atkison, and Kelly Haney are committed to a top-notch exercise and nutrition regimen designed to strengthen, tone, trim, and energize, just in time for summer.  The ultimate goal, however, is to make fitness more than a fad or six-week experiment – it will be a lifestyle! (That last part can be our little secret.)

Personal trainers Lealon Gammel and Diana Anderson (yours, truly) were greeted just minutes before go-time with the smiling (well, mostly smiling) faces behind East Texas’s definitive lifestyle magazine. Dumbbells, cones, and the all-important portable iPod docking station were unloaded, and the feelings of excitement and curiosity, with a little angst mixed in, were almost tangible.

Trainer Lealon Shows He Knows "Squat" 😉

The next hour consisted of an active warm-up filled with jumping jacks and lunges, to name a few, movement exercises like side shuffling and backpedaling, and a strength circuit of squats with dumbbell overhead presses, “renegade” rows, and incline push-ups. And all before breakfast!

Awesome "renegade" row!

Speaking of food, I asked the gang for their thoughts on their new lifestyle changes. Cecily, an office assistant for BSCENE who has already lost forty-five pounds and wants to shed forty more, had this to say about her diet:

“I religiously follow Weight-Watchers, so I basically eat whatever I want,  just in moderation. But, I tried out a few recipes from Bethenny Frankle (she was on the “Real Housewives of NYC” on Bravo). They were wheat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free. I made Chocolate Muffins and Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. They were to die for, and not too terrible for you either!”

Will, the magazine’s managing editor, said his favorite foods so far are almonds, veggies, and that he’s rather a carnivore – “never had a problem with chicken, turkey, or tuna.”  That’s great, Will, because protein is one of the chief building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, and even cartilage and blood, not to mention it does an excellent job of keeping us feeling full and satisfied so we don’t snack needlessly.

When asked how she felt after the first workout, BSCENE sales rep. Ginny Gould said she felt “energized and in a great mood. I was very productive at work as well.”

Cecily chimed in that she “had so much fun this morning – the feeling of getting back into a workout routine was an awesome was to start my day.”

That’s what we love to hear!

I know I may be biased because I was one of the lucky trainers on site cheering on the BSCENE crew, but they worked hard and pushed themselves, never once complaining – at least not audibly! Keeping a positive attitude and personal goals in mind will be key for each trainee to finish strong and achieve the results they desire. Given the spunk and tenacity the exhibited on Day 1, I don’t think they’ll have a problem!

What BSCENE Finds Motivating…

Cecily: The only motivating factor for me is looking at my original measurements and seeing how far I have already come with just healthy eating. I cannot imagine what my measurements will look like at the end of this program.

Ginny: Today is a new day.

Holly: One word that will motivate me to do anything: “bikini!!!!”

Will: Basically, I can see myself in a mirror and know how I feel; that’s my motivation.

Mitzi: I like upbeat music and encouraging words!

…And What Gets Them Salivating…

 Cecily: Oh man… Chick-fil-A! I love getting the kids meal and trading my book (or whatever prize they give me) for a small ice-cream cup (they trade for free!. 

Ginny: My idea of a delicious cheat meal is pizza & champagne! 

Holly: Frozen yogurt, caffeine-free Diet Coke, popcorn …sushi… is that a ‘cheat’ meal?

Will: Pasta, bread, wine… or steak, potato, great beer.

Mitzi: CHOCOLATE anything!!!


Amen to that!


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