A Cross-Centered Outfit with CrossFit Accessories

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ …” (Romans 13:14, ESV).

Browse Pinterest longer than twenty seconds and you’re guaranteed to see what other women are “putting on” – or hoping to one day put on – their bodies. From flashy flip-flops and neon running shorts to to vintage jewelry and wedding gowns, the online pin board is a virtual dream-closet, overflowing with the popular designs pinners pine for.

If you follow a CrossFitter on Pinterest, you may find she has pinned to a fashion board a few CrossFit-specific wardrobe items, such as sockseye-catching sneakers, brightly colored knee-high socks, and sassy sweat bands.[1] Like volleyball players sporting spandex shorts and knee-pads, or cowgirls showing off shiny spurs and bulky buckles (see picture below), CrossFitters have our own unique “uniform,” if you will. And without saying a word, we tell the world around us what we’re passionate about, just by choosing the apparel we “put on.” A few weeks ago at a nail salon, for example, I sat next to a woman and immediately noticed she had on a particular brand of shoe that many CrossFitters wear. I asked her if she did CrossFit and she nodded with surprise at my accurate assumption. Of course, we proceeded to chat about CrossFit for the duration of our manicures.

1995 Texas State Champs! Me, the little cowgirl, and the best horse ever, Babydoll.
1995 Texas State Champs! Me, the little cowgirl, and the best horse ever, Babydoll.

From Job clothing himself with righteousness in the Old Testament to Paul instructing us to put on the full armor of God in the New, God’s Word frequently uses the metaphor of dressing ourselves to describe how we are to prepare to walk the Christian walk each day (Job 29:14, Ephesians 6:11. Physical garments cover us, protect us, and yes, express us, and so do spiritual ones. Ever since Adam and Eve with their fig leaves and daily commitment to follow and obey God after being exiled from Eden, every man and woman awakens each morning to clothe themselves both physically and spiritually (Genesis 3:7).

I heard Joyce Meyer speak recently on dressing for battle, and she noted quite astutely that “there are certain behaviors that just don’t look good on a believer.”[2] She explained that just as some colors don’t flatter us as well as others, ugly behaviors such as unforgiveness, bitterness, and impatience are unbecoming articles of clothing for a Christian to put on. On the contrary, we look most beautiful, both inside and out, when we don a disposition of compassion, patience, and grace.

Each day, as we put our make-up on for work or our knee socks on for play, let’s simultaneously pray to be arrayed with the most beautiful Creation in God’s grand universe, Jesus Christ himself. Without him, we are naked, exposed to the poisonous darts of the enemy and the carnal caprice of our emotions. Through him, we are clothed with strength when we feel helpless, joy when we feel hopeless, mercy when we feel malicious, thankfulness when we feel envious, and boldness when we feel cowardice. Praise God for the precious gift of Jesus, our Friend, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Refuge!

relationshipStay fit, stay faithful ~<3 Di

[1] We CrossFitters often wear knee-high socks to protect our shins during deadlifts and box jumps. The extra barrier between the barbell or box and your shins help to reduce the direct friction and will decrease the likelihood of bleeding should you hit the box during a box jump or scrape your leg during a deadlift.

[2] You can listen to Mrs. Meyer’s sermon here.


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