2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

Hello, everyone! In the last two posts, I focused on what we writers have to be thankful for, things like the printing press, the Internet, supportive readers, social media…COFFEE! This week, with Christmas being right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to switch gears from giving to getting. 😀 Here are a few things you can jot down on your wish list to Santa! (Of course, take care to behave yourself so you’re sure to be on his Nice List!)

I.                   Passion Planner

Passion Planner via Diana Anderson-Tyler


I personally don’t have one of these yet, but from what I’ve seen and heard, they are absolutely amazing! The faux-leather planner serves as a calendar, journal, goal-setting guide, and to-do list log! If you’re super organized (one of my 2017 resolutions is to become so!) and love literally putting pen to paper to help get your life in order, then I highly recommend that you include this on your wish list!


II.                   “You Can Do It” Socks

Coffee Socks via Diana Anderson-Tyler

I don’t know what it is about us writers, but we love our socks – and our coffee! Put them together, and you have the perfect writerly gift! What’s not to love about socks that not only keep your toesies warm, but also remind you that with coffee on your side, writer’s block doesn’t stand a chance!?


III.              Awesome Etsy Writing Mugs

Writing Mug via Diana Anderson-Tyler

No truer words were spoken! It was actually really hard to choose an image to showcase for this one, as there are so many delightful mugs on Etsy, so I encourage you to check them all out!

Who else is grateful writing doesn’t adversely affect the liver! (At least it doesn’t if you don’t imbibe too often when you write!)


IV.             Literary Tees

hyperbole t-shirt via Diana Anderson-Tyler


Do yourself a favor. Go on Amazon and search “Literary Shirts.” I found this one and am completely obsessed! Is it a coincidence that it perfectly matches the coffee socks? I think not. #Destiny


V.                Big Magic



If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that this is one of my absolute favorite books on writing, and creativity in general! And it’s now in paperback! I guarantee you’ll feel more inspired than ever to nurture whatever creative endeavor has been stirring in your soul and to pursue it boldly! Author Elizabeth Gilbert will encourage you to discover the “strange jewels” hidden inside you and to courageously share them with the world.


VI.             “Write” Poster

Write Poster via Diana Anderson-Tyler


It’s easy to look at your unfinished – or perhaps unbegun – novel as a looming, unclimbable mountain. This simple yet powerful quote reminds us that writing a book is done one word, one sentence, one chapter at a time. Enjoy the process, and trust it. Stay faithful to your writing discipline, and before you know it, you’ll hold a finished manuscript in your hands.


VII.           Anti-Procrastination Poster



When you walk into your office or writing nook, wouldn’t it be motivating to see this quote staring you down? I sure think so! Even if you only have ten minutes to sit down to your draft, every word written is progress up that mountain!


VIII.        Mistobox Coffee Subscription

mistobox via Diana Anderson-Tyler

My husband Ben and I have been subscribing to Mistobox for about a year now and we couldn’t be more pleased! If you love coffee and love trying different kinds, then this would make an excellent Christmas gift! This company works with over 30 specialty roasters to ensure a diverse selection of delicious writer juice! Santa (or another benevolent gift-giver in your life) can order a subscription for you, or simply give you a month, three-month, six-month, or even a year-long trial!


IX.              Writing Coasters

Oscar Wilde Coasters

We’re going to need some coasters for all the coffee (okay, tea is acceptable too…) we’re going to be drinking! These feature quotes from literary giant, Oscar Wilde. (Tell Santa they make great excellent stocking stuffers!)


X.                Book Lovers’ Tote

I Heart Books Tote

Because writers are readers, too! Plus, we’re going to need something in which to carry around all our other Christmas goodies. 😉

BONUS: Armor for Orchids

Armor for Orchids by Diana Anderson-Tyler


This will be the least expensive of your wish list items – it’s only 99 cents on Kindle until next month! You can check out the synopsis here. And if you want a FREE copy, simply share this blog post on Twitter and be sure to mention me at @dandersontyler! I’ll be sure Santa emails you the download link.


Happy Holidays!


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One thought on “2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

  • I have a friend who is a writer too. It is so difficult for me to find here the special gift this Christmas because she is a little bit of choosy and of course she has high standards, especially in her lifestyle. So, for me, it is difficult to find a special gift for this kind of person because it will make me look for the best. At least now, I will consider to give her the Mistobox Coffee Subscription. Surely, she will find it awesome because she is a coffee lover. Thanks here for sharing. Happy Holidays!

    Hugs & Kisses, Margaret

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